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import logging
import subprocess
from subprocess import CalledProcessError
from .runnable import Runnable

[docs]class Shell(Runnable): """ :param str cmd: Command with arguments to be run. :param str title: A title to be displayed in log outputs. If None, :attr:`cmd` will be shown. :param bool stdout: Whether or not to display standard output. Default is *False*. :param bool stderr: Whether or not to display standard error. Default is *True*. """ def __init__(self, cmd, title=None, stdout=False, stderr=True): self._cmd = self._redirect_outputs(cmd, stdout, stderr) self._title, self._stdout, self._stderr = title, stdout, stderr def _redirect_outputs(self, cmd, stdout, stderr): """ Avoid transfering unnecessary output through the network. If local, keeps the output clean. """ suffix = '' if not stdout: suffix += ' 1>/dev/null' if not stderr: suffix += ' 2>/dev/null' return cmd + suffix @property def command(self): """ The command to be run in shell. :rtype: str """ return self._cmd @property def title(self): """ If the title is not set, returns :func:`command`. :rtype: str """ if self._title is None: return self._cmd return self._title def run_pre(self): logger = logging.getLogger('shell') logger.debug('beginning:' + self.title)
[docs] def run(self): """If the command exits 0, returns 0 or the stdout/stderr output. Otherwise, raises CalledProcessError. :return: shell return code (0) or output. :rtype: int or str :raises CalledProcessError: if return code is not 0. """ self.run_pre() kwargs = {'shell': True, 'universal_newlines': True} if self._stderr: kwargs['stderr'] = subprocess.STDOUT if not (self._stdout or self._stderr): output = subprocess.check_call(self._cmd, **kwargs) else: output = subprocess.check_output(self._cmd, **kwargs).strip() self.run_pos() return output
[docs] def was_successful(self): """Runs the command and returns whether the return code is 0. :return: whether the command was successful. :rtype: bool """ try: return True except CalledProcessError: return False
[docs] def has_failed(self): """Runs the command and returns whether the return code differs from 0. :return: whether the command has failed. :rtype: bool """ return not self.was_successful()
def run_pos(self): logger = logging.getLogger('shell') logger.debug('finished:' + self.title)