Expyrimenter Documentation

Expyrimenter is an easy-to-use Python tool to help experiment automation. It makes it easy to execute local and remote commands in parallel. With Pushbullet, you can receive messages in your mobile phone if your experiment freezes or right after it finishes. Expyrimenter:

  • Is a simple an easy way to run shell and SSH in Python
  • Can run shell, SSH and Python code in parallel (it has been used in 200 VMs concurrently)
  • Is flexible and extensible
  • Has few configurations in one single file
  • Compatible with Python >= 3.2 (Ubuntu >= 10.04)
  • Is concerned about its source code:
    • Free software available at GiHub
    • Continuous integration
    • Code coverage target is 100%
    • No pep8 or flake8 issues


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